Poetry: CHEST

CHEST Journal, the official publication of the American College of Chest Physicians, seeks poetry submissions.
Poems should not exceed 350 words, should not have been previously published, and should relate to concerns of health-care providers, patients and families, and medicine. Poems that have been previously published will be returned to the authors.

Submissions to the Pectoriloquy Section should be sent via e-mail to poetrychest@aol.com for review and preliminary acceptance by the Section Editor, Michael Zack, MD, FCCP. Authors of poems that Dr. Zack has approved will be asked to submit the final version to ScholarOne Manuscripts. Authors will be required to complete an Author Agreement form transferring copyright to CHEST. They will also be asked to provide two or three sentences about themselves and about their poem. Final acceptance for publication rests with the Editor in Chief.

All poems published in CHEST are free online, with PDF versions available for downloading.

Further information: http://journal.publications.chestnet.org/ss/forauthors.aspx#PoetryPectoriloquy

CFS: J Health Care for the Poor & Underserved

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
The Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved publishes original papers, commentaries, brief communications, reports from the field, columns, and reviews regarding the health of low-income and other medically underserved people. We welcome manuscripts. Though our concerns—health, health policy, and health care for the underserved—are universal, our focus is on North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. Questions about the suitability of a topic should be sent to: JournalQuestion@mmc.edu

Our mailing address, telephone numbers, and fax number are:
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Meharry Medical College
1005 D. B. Todd Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
Phone: 1-800-669-1269 or (615) 327-6819
FAX: (615) 327-6362
Editor: Virginia Brennan, PhD, MA

CFS: J Teaching & Learning

The Journal of Teaching and Learning (JTL) titled “Talking About Learning,” is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal published by the Language Center at South East European University (SEEU) in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. The main objective of JTL “Talking About Learning” is to promote a scholarly and academic discussion about teaching and learning as well as to share our research and practical classroom experiences with one another in order to improve the teaching and learning process. JTL “Talking About Learning” aims to promote interdisciplinary research about teaching and learning in all fields and disciplines and to become a leading journal for teaching and learning with local, regional and international impact.
Artan Limani
The Language Center
South East European University, Tetovo
Republic of Macedonia
Email: a.limani@seeu.edu.mk

Visit the website at http://www.seeu.edu.mk/en/research/announcements?id=636

On-going CFS: Biology Reviews for Nursing Research

Nursing Research invites integrative reviews of current advances in basic biological sciences and translational research relevant to emerging areas of nursing science. Areas of interest include but are not limited to topics in: genetics, genomics, and epigenetics; systems biology/integrative physiology; neuroscience and imaging; computational biology; microbiology and the human microbiome; nanoscience; physiology in situ and mobile health devices.

Biology Reviews for Nursing Research will provide up-to-date information about advances in these thematic areas to the global community of nurse scientists, with the aim of infusing new biological and “omics” knowledge into nursing research. Reviews should summarize and critically evaluate the current state of knowledge. Implications for nursing research in relevant areas should be addressed, especially with respect to the priority research addressing prevention and treatment of disease and disability; symptoms and symptom management of acute and chronic illnesses; interventions for compassionate end-of-life and palliative care; infectious disease and global health; and integration of biological and behavioral perspectives on health over the lifespan across priority areas.

Papers accepted for Biology Reviews will be published as features in regular issues of Nursing Research.

Queries are encouraged and should be sent to Dr. Susan Henly, Editor (henly003@umn.edu).

Information for Authors is available at: http://journals.lww.com/nursingresearchonline/_layouts/1033/oaks.journals/informationforauthors.aspx.

Nursing Research is indexed or abstracted in Medline, CINAHL, JCR Science Citation Index, PsychInfo and Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceSM.

CFS: Women’s Health (APRN Authors, Including Doctoral Students)

Call from Women’s Healthcare for Manuscripts to All Advanced Practice Nursing Authors, Including Doctoral Students

Members of the Editorial Advisory Board of Women’s Healthcare are seeking manuscripts on:

Abnormal uterine bleeding, anal neoplasia, bacterial vaginosis (persistent/recurrent), benign breast diseases, bleeding in early pregnancy, clinical skills (e.g., pessary insertion, simple cystometrography, pelvic floor electromyography, vulvar biopsy), colposcopic evaluation of lower genital tract disease, common adolescent problems (e.g., abnormal menses, dysmenorrhea, teen pregnancy), contraceptive options for women with chronic health conditions, evidence-based preconception care, female sexual dysfunction, HPV update, infertility, IUC placement pearls, mammography guidelines, medication effects on lactation and the newborn/infant, management of nongynecologic conditions in pregnancy (e.g., epilepsy, asthma, migraine, lupus, coagulation defects, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease), nonpharmacologic management of perimeno pausal vasomotor symptoms, Pap test guidelines, pelvic floor wellness, oral aplasia, parental grieving following an unanticipated pregnancy outcome, post-abortion care, sterilization for women and men, STI prevention counseling, and transgender sexual and reproductive health care.

Link: http://npwomenshealthcare.com/editor-in-chiefs-message-vol2-no2/

Due Date: 6/30/2014

CFS: Home Healthcare Nurse

Home Healthcare Nurse is a refereed journal, published 10 times/year. The goal of Home Healthcare Nurse is to bring up-to-date and practical articles to home healthcare and hospice providers. Topics include practice-oriented clinical topics, literature reviews, manuscripts that describe quality improvement projects, innovations or new approaches to patient care, and case studies. Some clinical topics of interest (but not limited to): Lyme disease, West Nile virus, influenza, smoking cessation, gut microbes, anxiety, reflux esophagitis, COPD, fibromyalagia, and anxiety.

Home Healthcare Nurse is also seeking submissions for a column titled “A Day in the Life of…” The purpose of this column is to introduce readers to the wide variety of roles in home healthcare, and to highlight the typical work day of home care clinicians around the country and world to educate the readers on the work they do, the area in which they work and the people they serve. Manuscripts should be 600-1000 words. Prospective writers should feel free to email the editor with their ideas at HHNEditor@gmail.com.

CFS: LGBT Health: The Peer-Reviewed Journal Identifying Critical LGBT Healthcare Needs

LGBT Health is the quarterly peer–reviewed journal dedicated to promoting optimal healthcare for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) minority people worldwide. Recent progressive developments have created an extraordinary window of opportunity in many nations to lower the barriers to access to quality healthcare for LGBT-identified people, to research the most important health needs of each segment of the LGBT community, and to train clinicians in the best practices to meet those needs.

LGBT Health publishes original research, reviews, short communications, and legal and policy perspectives that address the full range of healthcare, health research, and policy concerns relevant to LGBT health.
We are currently seeking submissions in all areas within our scope but are especially encouraging articles that address the direct clinical care of sexual orientation and gender identity minority people of all age groups. Example topics of particular interest include:
• Primary care health maintenance for one or more SOGI populations
• Aging and older adult health concerns in individual SOGI populations
• Reproductive services for LGBT people
• Hormonal and surgical gender transition including best practices and areas of emerging research
• HPV infection, sequelae, screening, treatment, and prophylaxis in one or more SOGI populations
• Pre- and post-exposure HIV prophylaxis
• Psychopharmacological treatment for those living with HIV in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)
• Management of clinical data regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, confidentiality, and research practices

LGBT Health prides itself in being a truly international publication and is accessible in over 1,700 libraries in 136 countries around the world. The Editorial Board comprises an impressive professional team of global experts in the field of LGBT health. Our mission statement, published articles, and Instructions for Authors can be found on our website. We look forward to your submissions: http://www.liebertpub.com/lgbt

CFS: MedSurg Matters!

MedSurg Matters!, the newsletter of the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses and is included in the scholarly journal MEDSURG Nursing, seeks short, newsworthy, news type items in the world of medical surgical nursing. Instead of long scholarly research papers, it seeks quick informative information such as new drugs or drug interactions, the latest evidence based practice updates, current trends, unique or interesting nurse or patient stories. Contact Molly L McClelland mcclelml@udmercy.edu


American Journal of Nursing – ranks 18/101 of nursing journals. AJN reaches more nurses than any other nursing journal through our robust print, digital, iPad, and social media channels. AJN publishes original research, QI and review articles as primary feature articles and CE articles. We also publish shorter, focused columns. Submissions must be evidence-based and are peer-reviewed.

Clinical Features should cover epidemiology, pathology, current research/ “what’s new” in knowledge and/or treatment, nursing implications. There is no specific limit for word count, though feature articles usually are in the range of 5,000 to 8,000 words. (We have done two-part and three-part series for larger papers.) For examples of feature articles, see any of the CE articles on our web site, www.ajnonline.com .
Specific clinical topics we currently seek:

  • Community acquired pneumonia
  • Treatment options for acute and chronic pain (just about anything on pain management)
  • Most pediatric topics – but especially pain, scoliosis
  • Acute and chronic neurological topics (epilepsy)
  • Current best practice in managing lung or ovarian cancer; side effects from therapies
  • Best practice in anticoagulant therapy
  • Rosacea (and complex wound care)
  • Orthopedic topics
  • Progressive mobility
  • Acute/critical care topics: heart failure, sepsis update, alarm fatigue
  • Autoimmune disorders (lupus, RA)
  • Pediatric mental health
  • Migraines (What works and what doesn’t; triptans, botulinum toxin, ergot derivatives)

Columns are shorter, focused papers of 2,000-3,000 words. Columns include:

  • Infectious diseases, Disaster, Emergency, Environments and Health, Correspondence from Abroad (international topics/visits), In Our Community, Politics and Policy, Wound Care, Diabetes, Professional Development, Acute Care Review (new research for practice or treatment topic or could be drug update in specific areas), iNurse, Mental Health Matters
  • Cultivating Quality is the section for QI reports (authors should follow the SQUIRE guidelines as detailed in Author Guidelines.)
  • In addition, we publish opinion pieces (Viewpoint), narratives (Reflections), and poetry and visual art related to nursing, health and the human experience. (Art of Nursing).

We strongly encourage queries: alison.bulman@wolterskluwer.com. We encourage all prospective authors to review AJN articles at http://www.ajnonline.com prior to submitting.
For Author Guidelines and submission information: www.editorialmanager.com/ajn

CFS: Academic Medicine’s “Last Page”

Call for Academic Medicine “Last Page” Submissions


Can you explain in a single page an issue or phenomenon important to those who work at medical schools and teaching hospitals? Academic Medicine seeks original submissions for its AM Last Page feature. This feature is designed to make the journal’s content more accessible to more people by promoting a general understanding of issues important to the academic medicine community. A Last Page tells a story, visually and succinctly, through tables, graphs, images, and/or other presentations of concepts, trends, policies, programs, persons, or events. A Last Page may cover any topic related to Academic Medicine’s focus areas: education and training issues, health and science policy, research practice, institutional issues, or clinical practice in academic settings. An AM Last Page should not be a condensed poster presentation or a promotional piece. Although an AM Last Page may be related to an article published in the journal, the Last Page should not be a figure or table that belongs in the article.

Examples of published Last Pages include:

  • The Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Generalizability in Medical Education Research
  • The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) Degree
  • Understanding Title VII
  • Sir William Osler’s Major Contributions to Medical Education

AM Last Page is an ongoing feature of the journal with no deadline and may be submitted at any time.



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