Publishing Tips: Publishable Diss Formats

An article of interest to graduate faculty and doctoral students, from the current issue of Nursing Outlook, regarding publishable dissertation formats:

Susan Robinson, RN, PhD, Kathleen Dracup, RN, DNSc.
Innovative options for the doctoral dissertation in nursing
Nursing Outlook, Volume 56, Issue 4, Pages 174-178 (July 2008)

Abstract: The doctoral dissertation is the capstone event of doctoral study. While developing their dissertations, graduate students discover the cutting edge of the discipline, learn the intricacies of the research process, and engage in scientific dialogue with experts in the field. Traditional dissertation formats are confined to the Dissertation Abstracts International and are not easily accessed by clinicians, administrators, and researchers who are most in need of the information. Consequently, the number of universities offering options to the traditional dissertation format is growing. This article describes and compares 2 formats: the traditional dissertation and the publication option. The benefits and challenges of each format to doctoral students and faculty are discussed. The discussion reflects changing trends in the nursing profession as an academic discipline.


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