CFS: Connecticut Nurses’ Assoc (Posters)

Connecticut Nurses’ Association’s annual convention on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at the Hartford Marriott/Farmington, Farmington, CT


POSTER CONCEPT: The intent of a Poster Session is to provide a forum for presenting well thought out information to conference attendees. This mechanism may be the preferred method where it allows more opportunity for the poster presenter to directly interface with the attendees as opposed to giving a formal presentation during the convention. The poster presentation can also serve as an alternate means for sharing the information when time is not available on the convention program. At a minimum, poster presenters should be with their posters during those times that are designated in the convention program as “Break Vendors”.

Poster presenters should bring a horizontal poster board (usually 4′ x 8′). A table will be provided, if needed. The poster presenter will post to the poster board using appropriate visual information and data that can be viewed at leisure by the convention attendees. The poster presenter is responsible for providing the allowed mounting materials for their poster (i.e., push pins, thumb tacks, Velcro, etc.).

REQUIREMENTS:To enhance the quality of the Poster Session, and in keeping with practices of other organizations regarding poster presentations, the following is the CNA process for poster presentations:

All proposals for posters to be presented at the Connecticut Nurses’ Association annual convention must be submitted to the Poster Review Committee. The CNA president and executive director are members of the Poster Review Committee.

Submit the poster proposal to the Poster Review Committee no later than September 30th.

Poster proposals are to include the concept, ideas, and structure layout.

Approval will be made within two weeks of submission. The poster presenter will be notified of the decision. (Note: If space is available, the Poster Review Committee can approve posters as late as two weeks prior to the convention.)

Once approval is received, and at least 30 days prior to the convention, the author is to advise Virginia Malerba at 203-238-1207 x11 or , of any requirements needed such as a table, electricity, audio visual, etc. There will be a $20 charge for electricity and for any audio visual equipment provided by the hotel.

Poster presentation material may consist of PowerPoint slides including notes, or a detailed summary of the poster material. This information is needed electronically for publishing on the Connecticut Nurses’ Association website.


Posters are educational and cannot promote a product, service or organization.
Posters will focus on research, a case study, project, or program.
To ensure an effective poster presentation:

1. Keep a sharp focus – Establish your objective at the outset. Define it with a simple, non-ambiguous title and stick to it throughout your presentation. Avoid extraneous details that do not relate to your main point.
2. Present points in logical sequence – Avoid placing items out of sequence just to achieve attractive design. Haphazard arrangement is a frequent cause of confusion.
3. Avoid complexity – If you are working with a complicated subject, your poster objective should be to make it as simple and straight forward as possible with good organization.
4. Use your space effectively – A poster that is too large for its assigned space will be crowded and unattractive.
5. Make it self-explanatory – Despite the fact that there will be someone on hand to discuss the poster with viewers at designated times, the poster should include sufficient test and captions to carry its message.
6. A poster presentation should be easily read by the attendees. The information may include text from a prepared paper and should include graphs and data supporting the concepts being presented.
7. It is recommended that graphs and charts that support the text generally be made larger and placed at higher elevations with the text being placed below the graphs and charts.
8. All headings should be at least ½ inch in height (36 point) or larger.
9. If electronic media such as a laptop, is used to supplement the poster, it should be arranged so the projections will not interfere with any individuals who desire to read the poster.
10. If audio is used, we recommend the volume of sound be kept low so the sound does not interfere with individuals desiring to read the information on the poster.
11. We recommend that handout material be available and located in a place where it does not interfere with the individuals desiring to read the information on the poster.

QUESTIONS:If you have questions regarding these criteria or the submission of your material, please contact Carolyn Squires via e-mail: or phone at 203-238-1207 x10.

Presentation should be sent to For more information visit

Mailing address: Carolyn Squires
Connecticut Nurses’ Association
377 Research Parkway, Suite 2D
Meriden, CT 06450


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