CFS: Nursing Administration Q (Leadership Excellence)

Nursing Administration Quarterly

3. Elements of Leadership Excellence                   Vol. 33:2                           Oct. 1, 2008

Tim Porter O’Grady and Kathy Malloch,   Issue Editors

     What is the “soul” and spirit of leadership excellence, which reaches from the bedside to the boardroom? Is there a difference between nurse executive leadership practices in Magnet hospitals or non-Magnet hospitals? Leading transformation in organizations requires excellence in strategy, partnership and measuring outcomes. How is excellence sustained for the long term beyond Magnet recognition? When creating value for 2010, infrastructure, resources, and anticipated outcomes need to be defined. The future of excellence in practice environments mandates the construction of a vision for excellence for 2020. An On-the-Scene will include a multilocal review of a Magnet organization that has worked diligently to create a sustainable frame for excellence. The focus of the on-site articles will be on processes and practices that create a foundation in sustainability for excellence in nursing practice and total patient care. This issue will be of assistance to those nurse leaders attempting to develop new ways to attain excellence recognition. Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent directly to the editor according to author guidelines. Author guidelines are available at Barbara Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 63430 E. Desert Mesa Ct., Tucson, AZ. 85739, 520-825-5629 or cell 520-360-5460


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