Publishing Tip: What Editors Want (and Don’t Want)

In the current issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Lynn Worsham, a professor of English and a journal editor, discusses what editors of learned journals want (and don’t want) from scholars.

She summarizes her discussion with a valuable checklist for any academic writer seeking publication in a peer-review journal: 

    • Familiarize yourself with the types of articles that a journal publishes and only submit work appropriate for that journal.
    • Pay close attention to the tone and style of work published in the journal and try to duplicate it in your own work.
    • Follow, religiously, the style guide used by the journal. No hybrid styles!
    • Only submit work that you believe to be final, publishable copy. A poorly proofread manuscript wastes your time and mine.
    • Placing your work in the context of articles previously published in the journal is good scholarly practice and helps make your article a better “fit” for the journal.
    • Follow the journal’s submission rules — exactly.
    • Develop a healthy attitude toward rejection. You know from the outset that competition is fierce, so maintain a positive attitude.

The article is available on line to subscribers.


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