CFS Nursing Admin Q (Innovation in Transforming Orgs)

Nursing Administration Quarterly

Topic: Innovation in Transforming Organizations

Vol./Issue       Vol. 33:3, Deadline date for January 15, 2009, Issue Editor(s) Tim Porter O’Grady and Kathy Malloch, Issue Editors

Nurse executives often find themselves confronting painful and challenging transformations in organizations. Relief can be found in knowledge management. Education for innovation is the key to developing a model  to transcend the ages, which evolve from the industrial age to the current information age. New partnerships for innovation are formed with nursing and business and necessitate complex communications and policy innovation. When transformation fails, what is the rationale, costs and outcomes? What does it cost the organization and the community if transformation is avoided?

Diffusion of healthcare innovations is addressed through creating a critical mass of early adopters. Giving up the past is hard and implementing innovations may be harder. This issue will include managing change through resistance management, guiding leaders to give up outdated practices and embrace innovation. Simulation innovation can lead to transforming practice, regulation, and education. An On-the-Scene will consider the partnership of a graduate program in health care innovation, students, and health care organizations emphasizing entrepreneurship and organizational interrupt, premiering structure and process, creating a framework for innovation in immersion, maximizing the innovative experience.

Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent directly to the editor according to author guidelines. Author guidelines are available at  Barbara Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 63430 E. Desert Mesa Ct., Tucson, AZ. 85739, 520-825-5629 or cell 520-360-5460

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