CFS: Nursing Engagement (Nursing Administration Quarterly)

Nursing Administration Quarterly Upcoming Issue Topics 2008 to 2010

Topic   Vol.    Deadline Date    Issue Editor(s)

Creating A Culture of Nursing Engagement, Vol. 33:4, May 1, 2009, Patricia S. Yoder-Wise, Issue Editor

Engagement in one’s work is what all leaders strive to achieve for their organization. In 2007, the Gallop Organizations released the results of 10,000,000 workplace interviews related to employee engagement. One portion of the results, shared at the 2006 Magnet Conference in Denver, CO., showed that nurses as well as other employees in Magnet hospitals were more engaged in their work than were nurses and other employees in hospitals that did not have such designation.

How do Magnet organizations relate to the elements the Gallup Organization uses to determine engagement? What are the implications for various aspects of professional advancement? Should educational programs prepare leaders in different ways to accommodate and capitalize on engaged workers? How effective can shared governance be in helping an organization be successful? How does modeling affect engagement and excellence? Do special roles exist that help bring about the critical changes for engaging nurses in their work?

The future can be shaped in a more productive way by informing and developing the leaders who will create the workforce, who will lead the workforce, and who will be the workforce.

Manuscripts submitted should focus on:
• Models of excellence in professional practice
• Shared governance
• Clinical nurse specialists as change agents
• Partnerships for change
• Unit level involvement
• Translational research

Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent directly to the editor according to author guidelines. Author guidelines are available at  Barbara Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 63430 E. Desert Mesa Ct., Tucson, AZ. 85739, 520-825-5629 or cell 520-360-5460

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