CFS: Clinical and Methodological Reviews (IJNS)

Clinical and Methodological Reviews for the International Journal of Nursing Studies. The International Journal of Nursing Studies (the #1 ranked non-specialist journal in the current Thomson ISI IF) provides a forum for publication of original papers of the highest standard that report research findings and research-based reviews and analysis of interest to an international readership of nurses, midwives, educators, administrators and researchers in all areas of nursing and health care sciences. We are currently particularly interested in increasing the number of reviews that we publish: both on methods and methodology and clinical topics. In both cases reviews should look to advance the ‘state of the art’ either through synthesis of original research or presenting a cutting edge up to date overview of methods drawing on literature from inside and outside the discipline of nursing. Although we only publish a small proportion of papers submitted to us we give a rapid editorial review before selecting those to send on to peer review. In this way we aim to keep the entire review process as rapid as possible so authors of papers that don’t make the cut can seek publication elsewhere. Guidelines for submissions at:


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