CFS: The Aging Wave (Nursing Administration Quarterly, Upcoming Issue Topics 2008 to 2010)

The Aging Wave: Are We Ready? Vol. 34:1,  Oct. 1, 2009, Marilyn Rantz, Issue Editor

With the rapid growth of aging Americans, are health care systems ready? What changes have nursing administrators made to address the changing needs of the aging patients they now serve? What political initiatives are needed? How will recent political shifts in power affect funding for aging services? Will the “new” congress be considering the baby boomer aging wave for research and education initiatives? What new services are being designed for the ever increasing numbers of elders? Are there innovative models of care delivery that elders will accept and that our society can afford? What can nurse administrators consider and do to be ahead of the aging wave? How is the profession of nursing addressing leadership to best provide the support and care needed by the aging wave population?

Authors are encouraged to submit articles of topics such as legislative changes affecting reimbursement for care of aging, innovative programs of community based care that reduce health care expenditures or offer new care options for elders: new hospital initiatives to enhance their environments to better support elders; innovative approaches to bedside nursing for the acute care of the elders who also have dementia; improving bedside care of elders to restore physical function; aging in place as a community model for elders and care givers; using technology to enhance the care of elders in acute and long term care; and new research opportunities in community based care of aging in place.

Unsolicited manuscripts may be sent directly to the editor according to author guidelines. Author guidelines are available at  Barbara Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 63430 E. Desert Mesa Ct., Tucson, AZ. 85739, 520-825-5629 or cell 520-360-5460


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