Publishing Tips: Froman on What Editors Want (Research in Nursing & Health)

Featured in Research in Nursing & Health, 2008, 31, 399-401, Robin Froman (an editor and the interim director of the UConn Center for Nursing Scholarship) counsels researchers and scholars on “Hitting the Bull’s Eye Rather Than Shooting Yourself Between the Eyes” (what editors want and don’t want). Among her observations about things that editors have told her drive them crazy:

  • Ignoring format, style (e.g., American Psychological Association), and construction guidelines (e.g., omitting required abstracts).
  • Ignoring submission routes (hard copy or on line), length restrictions, submission deadlines, and required materials (e.g., authorship statements).
  • Ignoring the journal’s audience and goals, such as practitioner journals being more interested in clinical manuscripts than articles on administration. (Froman 2008, 399)

Simple advice? Scholars and researchers should find a journal’s submission guidelines (almost invariably available on the journal’s Web site) and follow those guidelines before submitting their work. The issue of Research in Nursing & Health and Robin’s article are available on line to subscribers; DOI: 10.1002/nur.20296

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