CFS: Western Journal of Nursing Research

Western Journal of Nursing Research, in addition to accepting researched articles for peer-reviewed publication, actively seeks review articles on health topics of general interest. For more information, visit its Web site:  or contact its editor, Vicki Conn:


CFS: Open Medicine

Why publish in Open Medicine? 1. Your work is more visible. Open access means that anyone with internet access can find and read your work, offering you a wider audience and greater reach. Recent literature shows that articles published in open access journals are more highly cited than those in non-open access journals. 2. Papers published in Open Medicine are widely cited in the media. 3. Your work is published as soon as it is ready. Open Medicine publishes online so there are no delays to meet page minimums or to coincide with issue dates. 4. You retain ownership, copyright and control of your work. There is no need to purchase reprints. Others who choose to use your work must attribute you, not the journal, and must in turn use an open license to distribute their work. 5. Your work is peer-reviewed by an experienced Editorial Team and a renowned Editorial Board. 6. You are part of something important: preserving the integrity, opening the discourse, and sharing the benefits of medical science more equitably.

CFS: Anthology on Patient Who Changed My Life

THE PATIENT Who Changed My Life: Wising Up Press invites well-written, emotionally compelling stories, memoirs, and poetry from physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers. Prose up to 5,000 words. Poetry up to 5 poems. Electronic submissions: Word or RTF. Deadline: June 30. Payment in copies. For complete guidelines, see

CFS: Anthology about Doulas

FOR AN ANTHOLOGY about doulas, editor seeks true, first-person accounts from moms, dads, midwives, docs, nurses, and others present at doula-supported birth. What did you experience, observe, feel, learn, reflect upon? How were you moved, changed by the experience? What can you share with prospective parents, reluctant practitioners, passionate advocates? Send double-spaced MS Word attachment (2,000-word max) + 50-word bio by August 31 to .

CFS: LaChance “Voices of . . .” Anthologies, Healing Project

AUTHORS WANTED for acclaimed anthologies. LaChance Publishing is seeking inspiring, true stories of literary merit for upcoming volumes of our critically acclaimed “Voices Of” series of anthologies. Our books feature true stories by individuals personally touched by life-challenging situations-stories that inspire, inform, and foster a sense of community by showing how we find it in ourselves to face and conquer the toughest circumstances. Excellent exposure in a series that makes a difference! Please visit for deadlines and submission guidelines. We pay for accepted submissions. Proceeds from the sale of Voices Of books fund The Healing Project. Web site:

Western Schools Home Study Courses

Western Schools is a publisher and nationally recognized accredited provider of peer-reviewed continuing nursing education home study courses. They are currently seeking authors and content editors for publication of articles and books on an array of nursing topics.

They have writing opportunities in the following nursing topics. Additional topics not listed may also be considered. 

ADHD;  Adolescent Health/Psych; Alzheimer’s;  Ambulatory Care; AP Pharmacology; Arterial Blood Gases; Arthritis; Assessment; Asthma and Allergies; Auscultation Skills; Back Pain; Bioterrorism; Cancer in Women; Cardiac topics; Case Management; CHF; Child Abuse; Correctional Health; Critical Care; Diabetes; Diabetes and Heart Disease; Diagnostic/Lab Tests; Dialysis; Documentation/Electronic Charting; EKG Monitoring; End of Life; Fetal Monitoring; Fibromyalgia; Healing Nutrition; HIV; Holistic Care; Hospice;  Hypertension;  Infectious Diseases; Legal/Ethical Issues; LPN issues; Managed Care;  Medical Error Prevention; Med Surg topics; Menopause; Migraines; Multiple Sclerosis; Neonatal Care; Neuro Assessment; Nursing Practice Issues; Nursing Malpractice; Nursing Management; Nutrition, Oncology; Osteoporosis; Pain Management; Parkinson’s; Pediatric Obesity;  Pediatric Pharmacology; Pediatric topics; Perinatal; Perioperative; Pharmacology; Psychiatric topics; Psychopharmacology; Rehab; Renal Failure; School Nursing; Sleep Disorders/Apnea; STDs; Stress Management; Stroke, Supervisory Skills; Transplants; Ventilator Management; Woman and Heart Disease; Wound Management.

Requirements: Authors should have a valid RN license; an advanced degree in nursing and five years’ clinical or academic experience in the content area being developed is preferred. Experienced authors with degrees in fields other than nursing will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Interested candidates should e-mail their CV and contact information to .  Please specify topic/s of interest.

CFS: Personality and Mental Health

Personality and Mental Health is read by researchers, practitioners and policy-makers around the globe; the journal is currently available at over 1000 institutions and in over 80 countries worldwide. The scope of Personality and Mental Health encompasses:

  • Service evaluation and development
  • Organisational evaluation and development
  • Law, policy and ethics
  • Research methodology, research practice and dissemination
  • Education and training

A view of personality and mental health that goes beyond that of the clinical and diagnostic perspective is encouraged and papers on legal, social and ethical issues are welcome. For more information, visit: