CFS: Open Medicine

Why publish in Open Medicine? 1. Your work is more visible. Open access means that anyone with internet access can find and read your work, offering you a wider audience and greater reach. Recent literature shows that articles published in open access journals are more highly cited than those in non-open access journals. 2. Papers published in Open Medicine are widely cited in the media. 3. Your work is published as soon as it is ready. Open Medicine publishes online so there are no delays to meet page minimums or to coincide with issue dates. 4. You retain ownership, copyright and control of your work. There is no need to purchase reprints. Others who choose to use your work must attribute you, not the journal, and must in turn use an open license to distribute their work. 5. Your work is peer-reviewed by an experienced Editorial Team and a renowned Editorial Board. 6. You are part of something important: preserving the integrity, opening the discourse, and sharing the benefits of medical science more equitably.


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