CFS: Association for Medical Humanities

The sixth annual conference of the UK and Ireland Association for Medical Humanities takes place in Durham, UK, 6th to 8th July 2009, on the general theme Taking the Body Seriously. The conference’s aim is to bring humanities resources, both single-discipline and inter-disciplinary, to bear upon our understanding of how our bodies constitute both the possibilities of, and the constraints upon, leading flourishing lives. Key themes include:

• the role of the body in framing experience, knowledge, values and the imagination
• the place of the body in relation to creativity and the arts, both as generator and as object
• how science’s methods and agenda reflect the fact and form of our embodiment; and
• the place of medical conceptions of the body, health and well-being within prevalent contemporary understandings of human flourishing

In addition to these themes, there will also be a general section accommodating papers on topics of broad interest within medical humanities.

Papers under all of these themes, including the general section, are invited from medical humanities researchers, teachers and healthcare practitioners. Papers may be in any of three forms: full plenary presentation (40 mins); elective paper presentation (25 mins); or workshop presentation (15 mins). Abstracts of up to 250 words should be submitted electronically by 1st April 2009 to the organisers at . Abstracts will be reviewed independently and decisions made and communicated to applicants by 24th April 2009.

An outline programme will be made available at the forthcoming website of the new Durham Centre for Medical Humanities, and AMH members will be notified electronically when the site goes live.

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