Month: March 2009

To Write Grant Apps, Read Grant Apps

One of the best ways of learning how to write successful grant applications is to volunteer for opportunities to serve as a grant application reviewer. In some instances, this strategy may be easier said than done, but the energetic grant writer will actively seek out grant reviewing activities. NIH grants are perhaps the most selective … Continue reading To Write Grant Apps, Read Grant Apps

4000 Plus and Counting!

The Dow may be dropping, but at NursingWriting business is booming. Late in January we noted that we had passed the 3000th visitor since we launched in summer 2008. In a little over a month since then, we've welcomed another thousand visitors. Thanks to you for your interest. Thanks to you for your research, scholarship, … Continue reading 4000 Plus and Counting!

CFS: Journal of Infusion Nursing

The Journal of Infusion Nursing, the official publication of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), seeks to promote excellence in infusion nursing by presenting new research, clinical reviews, case studies, and professional development information relevant to the practice of infusion therapy. Articles selected for publication represent the broad scope of the infusion specialty and draw on … Continue reading CFS: Journal of Infusion Nursing