CFS: Ars Medica (creative writing, non-fiction)

ARS MEDICA actively seeks submissions from nurses.

ARS MEDICA is a biannual literary journal, started in 2004, that explores the interface between the arts and healing, and examines what makes medicine an art.

ARS MEDICA remains the only medical literary journal in Canada, and one of a handful of such journals in the world, in the rapidly developing international field of the humanities in healthcare.

ARS MEDICA allows a place for dialogue, meaning-making, and the representation of experiences of the body, health, wellness, and encounters with the medical system. Content includes narratives from patients and health care workers, medical history, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art.

In addition to being a source of commentary, literature and art, ARS MEDICA can be a learning tool for students and their professors in health care and academic humanities. The journal includes a Discussion Guide to the journal to facilitate individual and group reflection.

ARS MEDICA includes sections on writing by and about children, and writing about international health. These are voices that are often silenced in healthcare.

ARS MEDICA has engaged other organizations and community partners to reach its audience and goals, including: Mount Sinai Hospital, Humber School for Writers, and the Program for Narrative and the Healthcare Humanities at the University of Toronto.

ARS MEDICA is published by the University of Toronto Press. Visit its Web site at:


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