Over 5000, and Counting!

Thanks to your interest, NursingWriting has enjoyed over 5,000 visits since its inauguration in July 2008. We are grateful also to the editors and others who send us calls for submissions regularly, which we archive here.

Publishing nurses’ writing is important for several reasons. Academic nurse scholars need to publish for the purposes of promotion and tenure, of course. Advanced practice nurses might also benefit professionally from publishing their thoughts and findings.

Most important, however, is the social benefit: Disseminating new evidence speeds the development of evidence-based practices that speed the development of new standards of care that reduce suffering, save lives, and cut costs. Everybody wins from nursing writing!

Some interesting stats about the NursingWriting blog:

The median number of visits monthly since July 2008: 524.

The top three search terms:

  1. “Ars Medica”
  2. “nurse writing”
  3. “Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research”

The top posts viewed:

  1. Mosby Faculty Development
  2. Ars Medica
  3. Geriatric Nursing

The top clicks out:

  1. Ars Medica
  2. Mosby Faculty Development
  3. WordPress.com

It would appear that many nurse writers are interested in creative writing (like that published in Ars Medica) as well as in research writing.


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