CFS: Health and Human Rights: An International Journal

Health and Human Rights: An International Journal, invites manuscript submissions for its theme issue, on “international assistance and cooperation” (deadline: August 15, 2009).

A brief description of the issue is below; further information is available at:  

Issue 12:1 “International Assistance and Cooperation” and Health and Human Rights Obligations Beyond Borders. Submissions due: August 15, 2009. The ability of poor countries to realize the right to health, as well as to fulfill other human rights obligations relating to social determinants of health, must be understood within the context of the global political economy. Donor countries assume human rights obligations directly and as members of international organizations, such as the World Bank, IMF and regional development banks. UN and international agencies, as well as transnational corporations under certain circumstances, may also have human rights obligations relating to health. This issue will critically explore how these international obligations are being defined and discharged, and existing mechanisms to hold donor states and other actors, including transnational corporations, accountable for their human rights obligations. It will also consider the challenges to expanding the human rights regime to focus on actors beyond the immediate nation-state in which a violation occurs.


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