Ethics and Integrity Conference at the Uniformed Services University

Registration is now open for the 2nd of the 2009 Ethics and Integrity Conferences at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference is sponsored by the USU Office of the President and the Graduate School of Nursing in partnership with Navy Medicine.

Title: Understanding Research–The Purpose of Knowledge, The Passion for Discovery

Date/Time: Tuesday, 22 September 2009; 0730-1500

Place: USU Sanford Auditorium, Building B

Cost: Free

Participants: Federal employees, along with federally-related contractors, consultants, and collaborators from diverse private sector institutions.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Howard Federoff, Georgetown University Medical Center; Dr. John Dahlberg, DHHS Office of Research Integrity; and Distinguished Panelists.

Summary: Research is a critical part of healthcare and human services. Yet what do we mean by research? An uncritical assumption seems to exist today that research is equated solely with product development. Perhaps there is a more expansive meaning of research in the continuum that is knowledge and discovery. Deep within our being, the imagination fires our desire to know more and to live ever more humanely. Research, regardless of academic discipline, is the intellectual turbine in which we stoke the greater part of being human. It is the pathway on which we dare ourselves into regions never thought possible. This conference seeks to explore the purpose and the passion of research. It is designed to provide healthcare and human services providers and administrators with the opportunity to reflect upon the phenomenon that is research; to consider current problems with research misconduct; and to explore the many meanings of research, knowledge, and discovery from the professional experience of current leaders in the research enterprise.

On-Line Registration Required: If the link below does not work, copy and paste it into one’s browser and proceed from there. The URL contains the agenda, driving or Metro directions, and other pertinent information.

Logistics: Entry to the Campus and Parking are “on one’s own” entirely. Coffee and lunch will be available for cost to registrants at the USU Cafeteria and William III Cafes.

Point of Contact: Dr. Carol Parsons at Carol.Parsons@CTR@usuhs,mil or (301) 295-1241.


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