CFS: Home Healthcare Nurse

The Lippincott, peer-review journal Home Healthcare Nurse (HHN) is in its 27th year and is an interdisciplinary and international journal that seeks to provide information about evidence-based research, clinical practice, and management for those practicing and teaching in home health care or hospice/palliative care at home. HHN is an applied journal and as such, the information, articles and columns support effective care and operations for patients being cared for at home. The author guidelines can be accessed at  and must be adhered to for submission (APA, word count limit, purview of journal, etc.) and consideration, like all journals.

Besides CE articles that focus on areas such as medication updates, disease processes management, safety/fall prevention, rehabilitation services, wound care, etc. HHN also welcomes performance improvement initiatives that work, innovative programs that support care at home, alternative care models, case management, and other community-based care stories. These might be submissions from educators about an innovative way to teach about home care/palliative care, managers who work in community-based care centers who also provide a home visiting component, patient case studies with “best practices”, new technology and its use at home, programs that provide palliative/end-of-life care at home, and many others.

HHN also has an area called “Commentary” that can be a story related to home health care, a poem, or a heartfelt piece submitted (usually) by a clinician working in homes/communities and the patients that impact their lives. A recent example of a published “Commentary” is in the March 09 issue of HHN and is entitled “Reflections of a Community Health Nurse (At Heart)” and tells the story of a memorable patient.

HHN welcomes queries from prospective authors and enjoy working with both new (e.g. first-time) and experienced writers. Author inquiries may be made to:

Tina Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, Editor, Home Healthcare Nurse, P.O. Box 629, Boca Grande, FL,

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