NYU Literature, Arts, Medicine Database

Added today to the NursingWriting “blinks” list is the Literature, Arts & Medicine Database initiated in 1993 by medical humanities faculty at NYU.

This index of literary texts, visual art, and media/performance touches on a broad range of representations of the body, wellness, illness, disease, and the healing professions. New additions and annotations are always welcome.

The searchable database allows you to look for individual authors or artists or for themes. For example, a search of the word “nurse” delivers 282 results. Pre-established keywords are also provided. For example, selecting the provided keyword “nursing” brings the reader to an inventory of four visual artists, 21 films, and dozens of literary texts.

Users still have to find the actual art, literature or media themselves, though in many instances these can be found on line (after some diligent searching).

Nurse educators will find this index useful in helping students explore the complex human dimensions of clinical encounters. Nurse writers will find this index helpful by leading them to sources of reflection and to cultural touchstones.


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