Chronicle: Is the Peer-Review System Broken?

Daniel J. Myers, professor of sociology and associate dean for research, graduate studies, and centers in the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, says that the peer-review system (both for journals and book publishers) is not working, overwhelming many faculty with excessive review requests. He concludes:

All of the above issues are contributing to an overload of reviews, and we aren’t dealing with them. . . . For the journals [that professional organizations] control, they should impose standards that editors and reviewers must follow. These should include: (1) a proportion of papers that must be rejected without review, (2) a limit on the number of reviews solicited for each paper, (3) a substantial reduction in the percentage of authors invited to resubmit, and (4) a requirement that authors who have published in, or submitted to, the journal must review manuscripts.

The article is available to subscribers on the Chronicle‘s Web site.


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