Month: September 2009

CNN: $5 Billion in New Fed ARRA Grants

According to a news item today on the CNN Web site: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama, in an effort to stimulate the economy and support critical research, will announce $5 billion in grants when he visits the National Institutes of Health on Wednesday, according to an administration official. President Obama and Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius … Continue reading CNN: $5 Billion in New Fed ARRA Grants


Chronicle: Elsevier Unveils New Grant-Finding Service

Reported  in the Chronicle of Higher Education: The scientific publisher Elsevier today started SciVal Funding, a Web-based search service to help American institutions locate grants, particularly collaborative and multidisciplinary ones. The service joins the company's SciVal Spotlight, a strategy tool aimed at revealing university-research strengths and weaknesses -- at a price, The Chronicle reported in … Continue reading Chronicle: Elsevier Unveils New Grant-Finding Service

CFS: Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health

The Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health welcomes submissions. While the journal does not issue specific calls for manuscripts, it is soliciting manuscripts for the upcoming special continuing education theme issues. The journal welcomes all types of manuscripts. Instructions for authors and descriptions of the criteria for feature articles, original research, brief reports, and columns … Continue reading CFS: Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health

CFS: The Teacher’s Voice

 The Teacher's Voice, an online publication, is currently seeking submissions for upcoming theme issues as well as the following: corporate/profit/non-profit privatization of public education in poor and working class communities; public schools turning into factory-modeled dumbed-down test-prep mills; parent, student, teacher disempowerment; apathy (especially of the secure and privileged). Please visit The Teacher's Voice at:   

Personal Narratives & Healthcare Education

An interesting article posted on the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine Web site, Inviting in the Life World: Illness Narratives and Personal and Creative Writing in Medical Education, by Jessica Singer Early and Meredith DeCosta. The abstract reads: This paper shares a historical framework for understanding the inclusion of literature and creative writing courses in … Continue reading Personal Narratives & Healthcare Education

CFS: Global Health (Social Science & Medicine)

CALL FOR PAPERS: SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE SPECIAL ISSUE: Global Health Assistance: Qualitative Evidence on What Works and Why (Guest Editors: Devi Sridhar and David Craig) For the above Special Issue, Social Science & Medicine invites submissions that address the critical question of whether global health assistance works. A paradox of our time is that … Continue reading CFS: Global Health (Social Science & Medicine)

Author Oliver Sacks Lectures

OLIVER SACKS: Hallucinations The Robert B. Silvers Lecture  Monday, September 21, 2009, 7:00 pm The New York Public Library, Celeste Bartos Forum Fifth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Street Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks examines how the normal brain, if deprived of perceptual input, may generate illusory sensations—as with the visual hallucinations of the blind, … Continue reading Author Oliver Sacks Lectures

Call for Proposals: Anthology on Disability and Passing

Blurring the Lines: Disability, Race, Gender and Passing in Modern America by Jeffrey A. Brune and Kim E. Nielsen, editors Although one of the common experiences of passing involves disability, scholars have devoted little attention to this important topic. Studies of passing have also paid insufficient attention to the interplay that occurs between disability, race, … Continue reading Call for Proposals: Anthology on Disability and Passing