Personal Narratives & Healthcare Education

An interesting article posted on the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine Web site, Inviting in the Life World: Illness Narratives and Personal and Creative Writing in Medical Education, by Jessica Singer Early and Meredith DeCosta. The abstract reads:

This paper shares a historical framework for understanding the inclusion of literature and creative writing courses in medical schools around the world. Furthermore, it examines how these two instructional approaches teach significantly different perspectives about the role of doctors in relation to their patients. More specifically, the recent use of patient and doctor narratives and personal and creative writing in medical courses represents an important pedagogical shift in medical training to include more of the life world of patients and doctors.

Replace the words “doctor” and “medicine” with “nurse” and “nursing” and the point still pertains.


One thought on “Personal Narratives & Healthcare Education

  1. This is nice Post providing good information about nursing and health education. As a student on nursing school this is very useful article for me while preparing for my exam. If you have more useful information like than share it with me.

    I will be very great full to you for that !


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