CFS: EBP Conference

Call for Abstracts

11th Annual Evidence-Based Practice Conference

June 10 and 11, 2010

Translating Research into Best Practice with Vulnerable Populations: The Role of Technology in Advancing Evidence-based Care

Consider into which of the following four areas of specialty you will submit your abstract:

Acute & Critical Care

Aging & Primary Care

Children, Teens & Families

EBP Implementation (i.e., projects that focus on getting evidence into practice & education; can be focused on an organizational change (e.g., hospital, primary care practice, academic agency) or an organizational unit (e.g., a patient unit, course, class)

Consider into which of the following three categories best fits your abstract:

Moving Evidence to Action (i.e., projects that are in progress that are applying evidence to practice)

EBP Makes a Difference (i.e., completed evidence implementation or evidence-based outcomes management/quality improvement projects, pre-post outcome evaluation of applying evidence to practice is required; please note: for primary research studies please use the Evidence to Guide Practice category)

Evidence to Guide Practice (select a subcategory)

· Evidence to Guide Practice: Primary Research (i.e., generation of external evidence: primary research studies that inform practice)

· Evidence to Guide Practice: Evidence Review (i.e., evidence syntheses that have clear recommendations for practice)

· Evidence to Guide Practice: Clinical Practice Guidelines (i.e., development and testing of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines)

Consider into which of the following presentation formats your abstract best fits:




Call for Abstracts!! Deadline: October 19, 2009

SPONSORED BY: Center for Advancement of Evidence-based Practice (CAEP), & Academy for Continuing Education (ACE), Arizona State University

Contact Information:

Academy for Continuing Education, ASU College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Office: 602-496-7431, Fax: 602-496-5623

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