CFS: Contemporary Nurse

Contemporary Nurse (ISSN 1037-6178) is the preferred Asia-Pacific forum for nursing educators, researchers and practitioners who require high-quality, peer-reviewed articles, literature reviews, clinical papers & protocols, and cross-cultural research. Special issues dedicated to Advances in topic areas of central interest to contemporary nursing appear twice annually. Contemporary Nurse appears on a July-June subscription cycle in 3 volumes comprising 6 issues averaging 128 pages. General issues with feature articles on nurse education and research are alternated with special issues on topics of emerging interest. Special issues are also available as a subseries of Contemporary Nurse in annual boxed sets of 4 volumes: Advances in Contemporary Nursing.

•International editorial board of high calibre

•East Asian, North American, European and Australasian perspectives

•Guest Editorials in each issue in topical subjects

•Regular literature reviews

•Book reviews in each issue

•Feature research articles and clinical papers

•Methodology articles in each issue

•Clinical vignettes, student papers, exemplars and polemical articles

Contemporary Nurse: Healthcare Across the Lifespan is an independently published, peer-reviewed journal designed to increase nursing skills, knowledge and communication, assist in professional development and enhance educational standards by publishing stimulating, useful and interesting articles on a range of issues influencing professional nursing.

Special topic issue forthcoming:

Advances in Indigenous Health Care, 2nd edn

Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2010

Publishing in December 2010 as Vol 37/1

Visit the Web site for more information:


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