Chronicle: Medical-School Applications Barely Rise Even as Doctor Shortage Looms

Reported today in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Despite the opening of four new medical schools and the expansion of at least a dozen others, applications to American medical schools inched up just 0.1 percent this year, according to data released today by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Medical schools reached a little deeper into their applicant pools to increase first-year enrollments by 2 percent this year, to about 18,400 students. But the increase will make limited headway toward staving off what the association worries will be a shortage of 124,000 to 159,000 physicians by 2025. Fueling fears of a shortage are an aging population, an expected wave of retirements of baby-boomer physicians, and the possibility that millions of people will join the ranks of the insured if health-care-reform legislation is enacted.

You can add that to the well-documented (and similarly caused) nursing shortage, related to academic and clinical education capacity.

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