APA Publ. Manual 6th Ed.: Trade Them In

Reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education (and posted earlier here on NursingWriting), the new 6th edition of the APA Publication has numerous errors, for which APA issued on line a list of errata.

Now the APA has decided that purchasers of the flawed first printing of the  6th ed. can return them for a corrected copy. As the Chronicle reports today:

The cumulative outrage finally carried the day. The association has just announced that it will “recycle” remaining softcover copies of the sixth edition. Anyone who gets in touch with the association between November 2 and December 15 and asks for a replacement will receive a free copy of the emended second printing, according to Rhea Faberman, director of communications. (She recommends that people contact the APA’s service center to submit those requests.)

Those who purchased the manual can receive the corrected manual by returning the original copy with errors. Those who received a complimentary desk copy can only download the erratum sheet. Further information may be available at: http://www.apastyle.org/manual/index.aspx

Lisa Soder, administrative services specialist the UConn School of Nursing, has followed up with APA, providing further information on returning the defective first printing of the APA Publication Manual:

-Right now anyone can go to http://www.apastyle.apa.org to download the “corrected supplement” to the new 6th edition version.

-Those who received a free “desk copy” originally of the book will only be allowed to download the “corrected supplement” BUT NOT a free copy of the new corrected book.

-Only those who purchased the first printing with errors will be entitled to a new corrected book and only when they return the original one with errors. Anyone wanting a new revised book should contact APA (1-800-374-2721) some time between November 2 and December 15 to get a copy of the new revised book.


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