Review: Writer’s Guide to Nursing Periodicals (Jeanette M. Daly)

Writer’s Guide to Nursing Periodicals, by Jeanettee M. Daly. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, 2000. ISBN 0-7679-1492-7

Earlier this decade, Sage Publications published Jeanette M. Daly’s Writer’s Guide to Nursing Periodicals, a handy single volume that provided information about journals’ focus, publication facts, manuscript preparation and submission processes, referrees, copyrights, and indexing, by arranging the journals thematically (e.g. Acute Care journals, Administration journals, Research).

The proliferation of journals’ World-Wide Web sites nearly a decade later has rendered the book obsolete, except for two valuable features: the thematic arrangement of the table of contents (which provides a quick guide to about 100 journals in particular specializations of nursing); and a very useful introductory section, Writing for Publication in Nursing Journals.

This introduction includes a glossary of technical terms (like “blind review” and “peer review”) that will be helpful to the novice nurse writer. A discussion of nurses writing for publication examines the reasons that nurses write, how manuscripts are prepared, submitted and reviewed, a discussion of copyrights and permissions, an introduction to on-line nursing journals, and a bibliography of suggested readings.

Appended to this introduction are templates: a generic checklist for manuscript submission; samples of a query letter, a cover letter, a rejection letter, an acceptance letter, a revision letter; a list of basic proofreading marks.

Although Dr. Daly has indicated that she will not be publishing an updated second edition, we might hope that this introductory section would be expanded into a slender but nonetheless useful handbook.


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