Chronicle: Compromise Budget Bill Would Increase Pell Grant and Funds for NIH and NSF

Reported today in the online Chronicle of Higher Education:

Legislators in Congress have agreed on a compromise spending bill for the 2010 fiscal year that would increase appropriations for Pell Grants, minority-serving institutions, and programs for disadvantaged and first-generation college students.

. . . The National Institutes of Health would get $31-billion under the bill, $250-million more than President Obama’s request and $692-million more than last year’s budget, according to a news release from the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill also includes $6.9-billion for the National Science Foundation, a $436-million increase over its 2009 budget and slightly less than the $7.04-billion Mr. Obama had requested. The bill also continues the prohibition of using federal funds for research that creates or destroys human embryos.

The full article is available on line to subscribers.

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