CFS: Healthcare Management (special issue, J Management & Organization)

Journal of Management & Organization (Published by eContent Management in association with The Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management)

Healthcare Management: Progress, problems and solutions (Special Issue : 08/11)

Edited by : Y.Brunetto, (SCU), R. Farr-Wharton (USC) and K. Shacklock (GU), R.Beatie (Glasgow Caledonia)

The Journal of Management & Organization (JMO) is currently seeking academic papers for this Special Issue. Submitted papers should provide a greater understanding of the complexity of healthcare management in either the public or private sectors, with particular emphasis on capturing the HRM issues emerging for healthcare managers in the 21st Century. Healthcare managers face many challenges in delivering quality healthcare. Numerous OECD countries face a challenge in retaining healthcare professionals – particularly doctors and nurses. In the case of Australia, the nurse shortage is equivalent to 3% of the practicing registered nurses, which is approximately 10,000 nurses, just to meet present demand. The situation is similar for medical practitioners. This predicament is exacerbated by the aging population and the high percentage of older healthcare professionals working in the system. Past research has identified that healthcare professionals reporting dissatisfaction with management policies and practices have a 65% higher probability of leaving than those reporting satisfaction, plus the retention of skilled employees is a key factor affecting organisational effectiveness.

The special issue invites research contributions about the factors affecting the retention of professional healthcare workers and the factors affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

Included below are examples of possible topic areas:

  • The challenges associated with managing different age cohorts of healthcare workers
  • The challenges associated with attracting, recruiting and/or retaining healthcare workers
  • SHRM issues in healthcare management practice
  • The link between healthcare workers level of job satisfaction and client’s level satisfaction
  • The quality of management practices in healthcare
  • The value of employing particular age cohorts of healthcare workers

Submissions: Abstracts addressing one or more of these themes/topics or further questions should be emailed to a guest editor – Yvonne Brunetto, by 2 March 2010. Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline, observing the Author Guidelines. All papers will undergo a double or triple-blind peer review process. The special issue will include 6-8 articles of approximately 8,000 words each, and will publish in the Journal of Management and Organization volume XX/Y (August 2011).

The journal’s Web site:


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