CFP: Symposium, Anthropology of Health

Symposium on the Anthropology of Health: 38th Alaska Anthropology Association Annual Meeting March 24-27th, 2010 Anchorage, AK , Millennium Alaska Hotel

A growing number of anthropologists who are working and being educated in Alaska are exploring human health and healing systems while applying recent theoretical and methodological advances made within the sub-discipline of medical anthropology. By engaging in discussions of medicine and health as viewed through an anthropological lens we can illuminate, problematize, troubleshoot and otherwise come to develop a greater understanding of the ways in which health and healthcare impact the cultures in which we all live and conversely, the ways in which those cultures affect our health and the implementation and practice of medicine. Appropriate discussions are not limited strictly to those in the anthropological sphere, but might also address the interdisciplinary studies in which medical anthropology methods and theory are applicable. Discussion in the Anthropology of Health are encouraged to present inquiries into the dynamic margins of medical anthropology and related fields which employ the use of qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic methods in clinical health and epidemiological research, public health initiatives, health care analysis and health care delivery.

Please submit your abstract of not more than 100 words to Sally Carraher ( or Kim Fleming ( on a paper which discusses issues related to medical anthropology or the anthropology of health. Multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary papers and encouraged and welcomed and papers need not be limited to Alaska. Abstracts are due no later than January 30th, 2010.

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