CFP: Calgary History of Medicine Student Conference

The 19th Calgary (Alberta, Canada) History of Medicine Days Conference ā€“ Second Call for Papers

Call for Papers Deadline: 2010-02-07

The History of Medicine Days are an annual two-day nation-wide conference held at the University of Calgary in which undergraduate and early graduate students from across Canada and the United States give 10-12 minute presentations on the history of medicine and health care. The topic is broadly understood such as to include areas from Classics, the History of Public Health, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Human Biology, Neuroscience, etc. Prizes are awarded and there are associated receptions and an awards banquet. It is assumed and required that every student presentation provides some original research attempt, new methodological perspective on the topic, and/or visibly critical discussion following from each presenter’s engagement with his or her topic. It is certainly possible and encouraged that 2-4 students present work on a related topic which may be included in panel form. An adequate critical discussant will then be identified by the conference organizers to comment on such related papers. We ask, however, that individual presentation and poster abstracts are sent in by only one author and not by multiple authors.

The next History of Medicine Days conference will be held on March 12-13, 2010. The Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Geertje Boschma, BSN, MA, MSN, PhD (Past-President of the Canadian Association of the History of Nursing) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

For any further information on available stipends and to see the call for papers and other application related materials please go to the website of the Calgary History of Medicine and Health Care Program ( The deadline for this second and final call is February 7, 2010.

Dr. Frank W. Stahnisch, Associate Professor, AMF/Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine & Health Care, Department of Community Health Sciences and Department of History, TRW Building Room 3E41, University of Calgary, 3280 Hospital Drive N.W., Calgary, AB Canada T2N 4Z6, P: 403-210-6290, F: 403-270-7307, Email: email:

Visit the website at http://Visit the website at

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