CFS: Clinical Scholars Review

Clinical Scholars Review is a biannual, peer reviewed publication focused on presenting articles that demonstrate clinical excellence in the application of evidence-based practice of doctoral nursing. Articles submitted for consideration discuss clinical practice and patient care; case studies; practice issues, including management, scope of practice, and reimbursement; ethical dilemmas, legal issues, and business practices; and innovative methods of teaching and evaluating advanced practice and profiling the scholarly nature of the clinical practice of nursing. The mission of the Clinical Scholars Review is to support the advancement of the doctoral practice of nursing. Clinical Scholars Review invites doctoral practitioners, faculty teaching in clinical doctoral program, and clinical doctoral student to contribute the following types of articles:

Case Studies. Major articles that demonstrate clinical excellence and application of evidence-based practice. May address any aspect of clinical care from prevention through acute illness to rehabilitation and palliative care. Submissions should present the step by step process of clinical decision making and address available evidence on epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, evaluation and management, and therapy/interventions. Abstract of 200 words or less required. Maximum length 8-24 manuscript pages.

Literature Reviews. Articles that provide insightful summaries of the most important research on the selected topic and draw clear conclusions with implication for practice. 4-8 manuscript pages.

Brief Reports. Concise articles that relate to doctoral-level advanced practice nursing that are 4-8 manuscript pages.

Commentaries/Editorials. Submission that lay out opinions, philosophy, or comments related to clinical practice issues. Commentaries should be clear, focused and scholarly and should be 1-12 manuscript pages.

Feature columns in the journal are also accepting submissions and will include:

  • Legal and Ethical Issues and Trends. This column will discuss important issues in law and/or ethics, with implications for patient care. May include summaries of recent legislation that affect doctoral nursing education and practice.
  • Communities of Interest. A feature section that will provide a venue for people outside of nursing whose ideas are salient to those within the field.
  • Business of Advanced Practice Nursing. A column that will focus on advanced practice business issues.

Submit Your Manuscript to Clinical Scholars Review:

The digital submission of your manuscript is required. All authors should submit their manuscript to

General inquiries may be directed to:

Jennifer A. Smith, DrNP, MBA, MPH, Editor, 

For complete guidelines or more information about the journal visit


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