CFS: Poems (J of Medical Humanities)

Call for Poems for publication in the Journal of Medical Humanities

Poets are invited to submit up to three poems on the theme of birth/beginning/rebirth. Interpretation of the theme (physical, emotional, etc…) remains with the poet and may be addressed directly or indirectly. Poems must be unpublished. Prompt notification is requested if accepted for publication elsewhere. Poems should not exceed seventy lines (12 point font, one inch margins), but may be of any form.

Submit via email to  with the poem(s) all attached in one single Word document. Make sure that the document itself includes your name, email address and mailing address. Include a brief bio in the body of the email. Deadline is June 15th.

Selected poets will be notified and asked to write a brief commentary on their poem. Poems will appear with commentaries and an introduction by the editor in the Journal of Medical Humanities. Non-selected poems may not be acknowledged.

Questions may be directed to Sarah Cross at .

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