CFS: Sociology of Diagnosis: Negotiation, Mediation and Contingency

Call for Papers, Social Science & Medicine, Special Issue: Sociology of Diagnosis: Negotiation, mediation and contingency

Guest Editors: Annemarie Jutel and Sarah Nettleton

Social Science and Medicine is calling for papers for a special issue on the sociology of diagnosis to be guest edited by Annemarie Jutel and Sarah Nettleton. Papers may focus on diagnosis as classification or as process; on professional or lay-diagnosis; on the micro and macro levels of diagnosis; or on any other aspect of the social framing or consequences of diagnosis.

This special issue will provide the opportunity to crystallise discussions and forge an innovative strand of work within the sociology of health and illness, and engage pertinent sociological questions such as:

  • What constitutes a diagnosis?
  • How is diagnosis negotiated within the clinic?
  • How do structural variables such as gender, ‘race,’ age, and class permeate the diagnostic process?
  • What are the social and experiential consequences of ‘expert’ and ‘lay’ diagnoses?
  • How do lay people identify and communicate diagnoses?
  • How, and/or to what extent, do market forces contribute to the fabrication and dissemination of a diagnostic category?
  • To what extent are diagnoses contested, challenged and or politicised?
  • What are the drivers and the consequences of innovations in diagnostic and predictive technologies?
  • Will diagnosis have a different place within the surveillance medicine of an increasingly risk-based social context?

The deadline for submission is 30th June 2010 and papers should be submitted here . When asked to choose an Article Type, authors should stipulate “Special Issue Article”, and in the ‘Enter Comments’ box the title of the Special Issue should be inserted, plus any further acknowledgements. All submissions must meet the Social Science & Medicine guide for authors which can be found on the above website.

If you have any questions, please contact either Annemarie Jutel on  or Sarah Nettleton on .


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