CFS: Migration & Mental Health (Advances in Mental Health)

Migration & Mental Health: A special issue of Advances in Mental Health , volume 9, number 3, December 2010

Edited by: Nicholas Procter (Professor and Chair: Mental Health Nursing, University of South Australia), Monica McEvoy (Nurse Practitioner Candidate Multicultural Mental Health, Child Adolescent Mental Health Services, South Australia), Irena Papadopoulos (Professor and Head, Research Centre for Transcultural Studies in Health, Middlesex University, UK)

Advances in Mental Health has a conceptual frame encompassing mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention, explorations of wellness, best practice interventions toward recovery, seamless provision of support from inpatient to community care, and holistic support approaches for human beings who seek meaningful solutions. Papers are invited for this special issue dedicated to the discussion and analysis of new initiatives in the field of migration and mental health. Papers are welcome from a wide range of disciplines, including nursing, medicine, psychiatry, law, social work, sociology, occupational therapy, religious studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and from health and human services workers, mental health professionals, mental health policy administrators, educators and academic researchers. They may address:

  • Culture and mental health
  • Child and adolescent mental health
  • Risk and protective factors linked to migration and mental health
  • Aetiology and ethnicity in mental health
  • Therapeutic engagement with individuals, families and communities
  • Explanatory models in mental health
  • Cultural competency, migration and mental health
  • Cultural perspectives on mental health and mental illness
  • Cultural perspectives on mental health promotion and suicide prevention
  • Policy initiatives and reforms
  • Refugee and diaspora populations
  • Migration, mental health and the older adult
  • International perspectives on migration and mental health

Submissions: Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline, observing the Author Guidelines: 

All papers will undergo a double peer review process. The special issue will include 8-10 articles of approximately 4,000-6,000 words each, and be published in Advances in Mental Health volume 9/3 (December 2010).

Manuscript submission deadline: 15 August 2010

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