Residential Fellow, National Humanities Center

Interested in thinking outside the disciplinary box or know someone who is? Consider this residential fellowship at the National Humanities Center, which is open to scholars in a variety of fields.

National Humanities Center, Fellowships in the Humanities

The national Humanities Center offers forty residential fellowships (September 2011 through May 2012) for advanced study in history, literature, philosophy, and all other fields of the humanities. Applicants from the arts, the natural and social sciences, and the professions are also eligible if their work has a humanistic dimension. Most fellowships are unrestricted, but several are designated for particular fields, including one fellowship for young women in philosophy, and fellowships for any scholars in the following fields: environmental studies; art history; theology; American art; Asian studies. Senior and younger scholars from all nations may apply. Applicants must hold doctorate or equivalent scholarly credentials and must have a record of publication. The Center does not offer fellowships for new Ph.D.s to revise their dissertations.

Stipends up to $60,000 are individually determined based on half-salary. Round-trip travel for Fellows and immediate family is also provided. Fellowships are supported by the Center’s endowment, private foundation grants, alumni contributions, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Application deadline for 2011-2012 fellowships is October 15, 2010. For application material and instructions, see website

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