Essay Competition/Workshop Participation

13th Berlin Roundtables on Transnationality Essay Competition – Research Grant – Workshop Participation on the topic Health Politics in an Interconnected World: The Production of Evidence – Negotiating Access – The Politics of Locality Berlin (1 – 5 December, 2010)

Deadline for essay submission: 3 September, 2010

International Essay Competition and Workshop organized by the Irmgard Coninx Foundation, the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), and Humboldt-University Berlin. For a detailed conference outline and background paper, please see: 

Workshop participation in Berlin: Up to 50 successful applicants of the essay competition will be invited to discuss their research with prominent scholars at the Social Science Research Center Berlin. The Irmgard Coninx foundation will cover the costs for travel and accomodation.

Evening lectures will be held by Helen Epstein (author, New York) and Thomas Pogge (Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University).

Irmgard Coninx Research Grant: An international jury will award three three-months fellowships to be used for research in Berlin. The Grant includes a monthly stipend of EUR 1,000 plus accommodation. For details please visit our website: For inquiries please contact us:

Irmgard Coninx Stiftung, c/o Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, Reichpietschufer 50, D-10785 Berlin, Phone: +49 30 25491-411, Fax: +49 30 25491-684, Email: info(at)

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