Rockquemore: Summer Writing

Kerry Ann Rockquemore writing recently in Inside Higher Ed discusses how to jump start your summer writing, including a frank assessment of what you need and what you need to do to make progress on your writing projects.

“No More Post-Summer Regret” discusses challenges and offers sound advice for developing a plan: Identify goals and tasks, develop a schedule, work on the tasks daily, and create support and accontability.

“Shut Up and Write” invites you to consider what you need, and it proposes that a writing group may provide you with the support and accountability required to overcome inertia and anxiety.

According to Robert Boice (1989) faculty writers frequently suffer from two maladaptive behaviors that inhibit their scholarly productivity: the belief that they need large amounts of uninterrupted time in order to accomplish writing (what Boice calls “bingeing”), and the concomitant belief that they are already too busy to “find” the time to write (what Boice calls “busyness”). Rockquemore offers a practical guide to overcome both maladaptive behaviors.


Boice, R. (1989). Procrastination, busyness and bingeing. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 27(6), 605-611.

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