Inside Higher Ed: Why Aren’t You Writing?

In a continuing series in Inside Higher Ed by Kerry Ann Rockquemore to foster faculty writing, this week’s installment “Why Aren’t You Writing?” distills the considerable evidence base established by Joseph Ferrari and his colleagues in procrastination studies and Robert Boice and others on faculty productivity.

In this week’s installment, Rockquemore asks you to consider if you are burdened by one or more of seven errors:

Error 1: You haven’t set aside a specific time for your research.

Error 2: You’ve set aside the wrong time for writing.

Error 3: You have no idea how long writing tasks take.

Error 4: You think you have to do everything yourself.

Error 5: The tasks you have set out are too complex.

Error 6: You can’t remember what you have to do.

Error 7: Your space is disorganized.

The article “Why Aren’t You Writing?” is open access and available on line.

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