Inside Higher Ed: New NSF Agenda, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

In news of interest to nurse researchers, according to today’s issue of Inside Higher Ed:

Seeking to move “beyond near-term funding cycles,” leaders of the National Science Foundation briefed sociologists here Sunday about plans to create a strategy to support the social sciences over the next decade.

Myron Gutmann, assistant director for the social, behavioral and economic sciences at the NSF, told those gathered for the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association that this is an “unparalleled time” in terms of interest across the sciences in working with social scientists on some of the top issues of the day.

. . . He stressed, in his remarks and in answers to questions, that the NSF is strongly committed, in its current grant programs and in the new agenda, to seeking out and supporting interdisciplinary projects — both among the social sciences and in projects linking the social sciences to other sciences. In some respects, this is going on even before the 10-year plan is developed.

. . . Gutmann also said he believes that universities remain slow — despite many statements they make to the contrary — to truly supporting interdisciplinary work. He said that many graduate programs are not teaching interdisciplinary approaches in graduate programs, and that many universities “are less than perfect” when it comes to rewarding interdisciplinary work in the tenure and promotion process.

The article, “New NSF Social Science Agenda,” is available on line.

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