Rockquemore: Assess and Adjust

In the final installment of her summer series on professional academic writing in Inside Higher Ed, Kerry Ann Rockquemore summarizes the main points of the ten-week series and advises readers to assess their summer progress:

  • What goals did (and did not) get accomplished this summer?
  • How consistent have I been in my daily writing routine?
  • When, where and how did my resistance flare up?
  • Was my support system effective and if not, why?
  • How do I feel about my answers to the previous questions?
  • What worked and what didn’t work?

She advises to take time now to rework your writing plan, adjusting it according to the answers you arrive at for the previous questions. Among other things, reconnect with your professional mentors.

Even if you made no apparent progress on your writing goals this past summer, taking time now to assess why that is the case is a valuable and productive effort.

The article, “Assess and Adjust,” is available on line.


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