CFS: Adv Mental Health–Youth, Early Intervention

A special issue of Advances in Mental Health, volume 10, number 1, March 2011: Promoting Youth Mental Health through Early Intervention

Deadline for Papers: 15th December 2010

Edited by: Debra Rickwood, Professor of Psychology, University of Canberra ACT, Australia; Beverley Raphael, Professor of Psychiatry, Australian National University and University of Western Sydney, Australia; David Pilgrim, Professor of Mental Health Policy, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Advances in Mental Health has a conceptual frame encompassing mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention, explorations of wellness, best practice interventions toward recovery, seamless provision of support from inpatient to community care, and holistic support approaches for human beings who seek meaningful solutions. Papers are invited for this special issue dedicated to the discussion and analysis of new initiatives in promoting youth mental health through early intervention. Youth is defined broadly as adolescents and young adults aged 12-25 years. Papers are welcome from a wide range of disciplines and from health and human services workers, mental health professionals, mental health policy administrators, educators and academic researchers. They may address:

  • The role of early intervention in the spectrum of interventions
  • Integrating early intervention for youth across the lifespan
  • Interventions focused on risk and protective factors
  • Screening and detection
  • Service use and access
  • Recent advances in early treatment approaches
  • Early intervention for co-occurring mental health and alcohol and other drug problems
  • Effective early intervention models and systems of care
  • The role of ICT in early intervention
  • Youth participation
  • Families and carers
  • Ethical issues in early intervention
  • Professional, workforce and training issues
  • Cultural perspectives
  • International perspectives

Submissions: Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline, observing the Author Guidelines. All papers will undergo a double peer review process. The special issue will include 8-10 articles of approximately 4,000-6,000 words each, and be published in Advances in Mental Health volume 10/1 (March 2010).


Manuscript submission deadline: 15 December 2010


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