CFS: AEER– Health Work in Postsocialist Europe, former Soviet Union

Anthropology of East Europe Review (AEER) is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2010 issue. The Special Issue section theme for the Fall 2010 issue is “Health and Care Work in Postsocialist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.”

Deadlines: October 1, 2010 (abstracts due); November 1, 2010 (drafts of selected papers due)

We welcome submissions that tackle health care transformations in postsocialist space. As many Eastern European states and the former Soviet republics move away from the socialized health care models and towards market-based mechanisms (in theory or in practice), the ideologies and practices of health and care work are influenced by these changes. At the same time, critical views of transformations and skepticism about promises of the global economy are abundant. Contributors are encouraged to submit any relevant research in regards to local perceptions and practices of health and healing, interactions between states, individuals and international flows of ideas, policies, goods and people. We are interested in research that addresses the ways in which care work takes place, professionally and informally, as well as the ways in which health related ideas and products circulate.

Please send in electronic form (preferably MS Word), an abstract of no more than 250 words and a short (one paragraph) biography by October 1 to: . Those authors selected to submit complete papers (up to 6,000 words) will be asked to do so by November 1.

Anthropology of East Europe Review (AEER), a publication of the East European Anthropology Group and SOYUZ (the Research Network for Post-socialist Cultural Studies), is a biannual edited journal of scholarship on Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, and Central Asia. Our mission is to showcase fresh, up-to-date research and to help build a community of scholars who focus on the region.


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