CFS: J General Internal Medicine

The Journal of General Internal Medicine seeks two types of high quality work for its Healing Arts section:
·        Text and Context consists of excerpts from literature (novels, short stories, poetry, plays or creative non-fiction) of 200-800 words followed by an accompanying essay of up to 1000 words discussing the significance of the work for clinical practice or medical education and, where appropriate, linking it to the clinical or medical education literature. Essays should include up to 3 learning objectives/discussion questions and may include up to 5 references. Please consult the January 2010 JGIM for an example of this type of submission. The author is responsible for submitting a detailed reference of the creative work and obtaining copyright permission for its use in JGIM.
·        Materia Medica consists of well-crafted, highly readable and engaging personal narratives, essays or short stories of up to 1500 words and poetry of up to 100 lines. These pieces should focus on a given experience, person or event that informs or illuminates the practice or teaching of medicine. We are interested in narratives that “show” through story (scene, dialogue, etc.; i.e., “Mr. Hernandez’ skin color matched the white sheets. I leaned over to see if he was breathing and he opened his eyes. ‘I’m dying, doc,’ he said. ‘You don’t need to lie no more.’) rather than either narratives which tell the reader what happened and what to think (“this patient taught me so much about professionalism”) or case reports focused on medical details. If non-fiction, please either mask the subject’s identity or gain their permission prior to submission. This is a regular section in the journal so submissions are rolling and ongoing.
Material may be submitted electronically here:
Please contact us with questions and address all queries to the Healing Arts Editors Louise Aronson and Jennifer Best .


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