Month: December 2010

CFS: “Professionalism,” Cambridge Q Healthcare Ethics

The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (CQ) will initiate a new Department on professionalism in health-related disciplines, and submissions are invited. The goal of the new "Professionalism Department" is to provide a forum for identifying, justifying, and applying standards for determining whether practices, decisions, and actions are professionally required, permitted, or prohibited. Submissions can address … Continue reading CFS: “Professionalism,” Cambridge Q Healthcare Ethics


CFS: Teacher’s Voice

The Teacher's Voice: A Literary Magazine For Poets and Writers In Education¬†is still free online and asking for submissions for upcoming theme issues and contests. Please visit ¬†to see what we are doing and for guidelines. Although not necessary, we highly recommend purchasing sample issues or chapbooks before submitting any work. The Teacher's Voice, … Continue reading CFS: Teacher’s Voice

CFS: Nursing History Review

Nursing History Review, an annual peer-reviewed publication, is a showcase for the most significant current research on nursing and the health care history. Contributors include national and international scholars. They also represent many different disciplinary backgrounds, and the nursing history review is the only nursing journal listed in the ISI social science index. Regular sections … Continue reading CFS: Nursing History Review

CFS: Mental Health & Substance Use

The Taylor and Francis International Publishing journal Mental Health and Substance Use: Dual Diagnosis enters its 4th year of production in 2011. To celebrate its success the publisher increased the number of issues from 3 to 4 per annum effective from 2011. Anyone wishing details related to the journal, and how to submit a manuscript, … Continue reading CFS: Mental Health & Substance Use