Essay Competition (Mental Health, Substance Use)

Mental Health and Substance Use, 2011 Essay Competition

Mental Health and Substance Use welcomes entries for its annual Essay Competition. As well as prizes for students who are undertaking, or have recently completed a mental health and substance use (coexisting, dual diagnosis, co-occurring, comorbid) course, at any level of study, there is a section for new writers who have not previously published in this field. Submitted essays/articles may be on any subject that falls within the scope of the journal, including:

• clinical practice

• management or administrative practice

• ethics

• transcultural issues and ethnicity

• organisation and service development

• legal issues

• critical appraisal of programmes/articles

• concept exploration and analysis

• policy and procedural issues

• education and training

• research and evidence-based practice

• leadership

• complementary and alternative therapies

• communication

• prevalence and incidence

• case study

Please submit your essay/article, indicating which section of the competition you are entering, together with details of your name, address and place of study/work to the Editor at: . Also feel free to contact this email if you would like to discuss any aspects of your entry. The closing date is 1st December 2011. The essay should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words and not published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. The essay awarded first prize in each category will be published in the journal. Other entries may be published subject to recommendations from the Editors. The judges reserve the right not to award the prize if the entries are of insufficiently high quality.

Student Section

1st prize: £100 book voucher

2nd prize: £50 book voucher

New Writers Section

1st prize: £100 book voucher

2nd prize: £50 book voucher

To be chosen from the very large selection published by Routledge:

For further information on the aims and scope of the journal visit:

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