CFS: Online J of Issues in Nursing

OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is a peer-reviewed, topical journal, and a scholarly journal in the American Nurses Association family of journals. We are pleased to consider for publication any manuscript that furthers a previous topic and adds new insights, information, experiences, and/or research to the topic. We are currently especially interested in manuscripts to update the following previous topics: Multistate Licensure, Initial & Continuing Competence in Education/Practice, Electronic Publishing, Complementary Therapies, Telehealth, Domestic Violence, Diversity and Cultural Competence, Aging Population, HIPAA, Infectious Diseases, Environmental Health, and The Value of RNs. However, we welcome submissions for any of previously posted topics. Our list of topics is available from the journal homepage  by clicking on Journal topics on the top menu bar. Please keep in mind that OJIN discusses issues relevant to nurses and the nursing profession and is not a clinical journal. Queries to the Editor are encouraged; for manuscript queries contact Harriet Coeling, Editor at  with the Subject=Call for Manuscripts.


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