CFS: Life Course, Health Inequalities

Call for Papers for the International Journal of Public Health on the topic of Life Course Influences on Health and Health Inequalities: Moving Towards a Public Health Perspective. 

Life course influences are increasingly seen to hold the key to a better understanding of disease aetiology and the processes that lead to social inequalities in health. Even though the life course perspective has been a rapidly emerging area of research, the further development of theoretical models that elucidate the underlying biological, psychological and social pathways over the life span remains a strong challenge. Another challenging issue refers to the translation of life course findings into public health policy action. The aim of this call is to contribute to the further development of a holistic and theory-driven view of the life course, which takes into account the full range of explanatory factors – spanning multiple domains, levels and time – as well as their practical consequences. The International Journal of Public Health invites authors to submit original papers (Original articles, Brief reports, Hints and Kinks, Reviews) dealing with theoretical and statistical challenges for the development of an interdisciplinary life course perspective in Public Health. Findings, which add to our understanding of how life course research contributes to prevention and health promotion will be welcome as well. The call will be edited by Professor Matthias Richter (Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern) and Professor David Blane (School of Public Health, Imperial College London) and interested authors are welcome to submit their work until August 31st 2011. Contact:

Information about the journal:

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