CFS: Integration of the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education

The Journal for Learning through the Arts: A Research Journal on Arts Integration in Schools and Communities (JLTA) is publishing a special issue on Innovations in the Integration of the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education, to appear spring, 2012. A similar issue was published in 2006, which included contributions from Catherine Belling, Gretchen Case, Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole, Pamela Schaff, Howard Stein, Caroline Wellbery, Delese Wear and Joseph Zarconi, received thousands of downloads and was very well-received:;volume=2issue=1 . JLTA is a peer-reviewed, open access, scholarly electronic journal published through e-Scholarship, University of California. The journal is focused on disseminating current theory, research, practice, and thinking on arts integration in schools and communities. It is sponsored by the Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences, and Sustainability, which builds on the expertise and combined knowledge of faculty in the Arts disciplines, the Humanities, Education, Psychology, Biological Sciences, and Medicine to study the nexus of relationships between arts education, aspects of cognitive and social development, and public policy formation. For more information, please visit . For this special issue, we are looking for the following kinds of articles: 1) Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research articles that provide evidence of the effects of exposure to the arts and humanities on learners’ doctoring skills, including attitudes toward and interactions with patients, empathy etc. 2) Program or course evaluation articles using a range of qualitative or quantitative assessment methodologies that demonstrate the efficacy of a particular program/course on either medical student or residency learners 3) Descriptive articles that report innovations in integrating the arts/humanities and medical education 4) Theoretical articles that provide important insights into or suggest provocative questions about arts integration and medical education. Submissions should be a maximum of 6000 words, and may be shorter. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, and should follow American Psychological Association formatting guidelines, including those for reference lists and section headings. Accepted papers will be copyedited and returned to you for revision before final publication. Detailed author guidelines are provided on the website. Deadline for submission is August, 2011.

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